Tuesday, March 9, 2010

017 The Nystedt Family

Foster Esther - this 'foster' means father's sister. Ester is one my Grandfather Gottfrid Larsson's sisters. Ester married Hugo Nystedt and had two children: Olle & Gun.
Solveig's cousin Gun Nystedt playing the piano, ca. 1946
"She was probably 10 in this picture. Gun and I were like sisters - she was my best friend when I was growing up. She played classical music on the piano. I would go with her to her lessons and I wished that I could take lessons too but my family was poor and hers was wealthy. I guess in many ways the hardship of being poor made me a stronger person. Her mother always had a very strong influence in what Gun was allowed to do."
The Nystedt's lived in Boden and my mother grew up in Niemisel. Gun's brother Olle Nystedt was 12 years older and they remembered him looking handsome in his Swedish military uniform. Father Hugo and son Olle were very fine people and never drank or smoked.

Hugo Nystedt, cousin Gun and aunt Esther, ca. 19__
Gun married Lennart _______, Olle married ________.

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